Bringing you a delightful range of Irish and international gin and tonics, gins which deliver exotic flavours, enticing aromas with an exhilirating end result.

Dingle Gin

Rich in flavour with a classic angelica and juniper led nose, the palate veers a lot of directions, prominent among them both classic juniper and contemporary minty herbs and cool spice. It's only County Kerry’s Finest!

Hendricks Gin

Hendrick’s is a super premium gin with a subtly different botanicals recipe that includes amidst many highlights a unique infusion of rose petals and cucumber alongside the more traditional botanical ingredients.

Bombay Samphire

A ripe citrus aroma with spice and a touch of juniper. The blend of 10 different botanicals in this gin are almond, lemon peel, liquorice, juniper berries, orris root, angelica, coriander, cassia bark, berries & grains of paradise.

Gunpowder Irish Gin

A gin that is delightfully fresh and rounded up front with citrus, juniper & spicy notes immediately evident. The expected Juniper follows close behind. Hints of Gunpowder Tea, meadowsweet and Coriander are all notable.

Tanqueray Gin

London Dry Gin is the original variant of Tanqueray Gin, first launched way back in 1830; the key botanicals of this variant are juniper, coriander and angelica root.
Altogether the makings for a high quality gin.

Fever Tree Indian Tonic

A blend of fabulous botanical oils with spring water, and the highest quality quinine from Eastern Congo 'fever trees'. And the end result: a delicious, natural, award winning tonic, designed to enhance the very best gins.

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